NEVERA RIB CLUB allows you to purchase inflatables on unique terms. A fully equipped dinghy with a engine can be owned for ¼ (a quarter) at full price without having to worry about maintaining it. You also get a number of other benefits.

RIB CLUB by Nevera

RIB CLUB by Nevera


Today’s fast-paced lifestyle with a range of business and private commitments brings great stress. Boating and other activities at sea are one of the best ways to spend your free time and “recharge your batteries”. We say valuable because today man has less and less free time, which is often the deciding factor when purchasing a boat. Even if they are financially fit, people do not choose to buy because they simply do not have the time to use their boat, so the cost is not justified.

Through the NEVERA RIB CLUB you can become a co-owner of a dinghy and use it for 13 weeks a year, which is probably more than your options and for only 25% of its full value. Here we are talking about a fully equipped dinghy with a motor ready for navigation. You do not need to worry about anchors, ropes, legally required basic equipment, insurance or registration … everything is included in the price. In addition, you can pay this price in more than one installment (up to 60 installments) so that you will not find a more affordable option for purchasing inflatables at this time. Each dinghy is shared by 4 owners and each owner disposes of his own dinghy according to the schedule set by the NEVERA CLUB, but the owners can also arrange an exchange of terms between them as they see fit.


Bringing the inflatables to where you are vacationing and lowering them into the sea is also our concern. All you have to do is start the engine and enjoy the fantastic features of your dinghy. After use, all you have to do is hand over the dinghy keys, and we will take care of removing it from the sea, washing, cleaning, and maintaining it regularly to keep your dinghy in top shape every time you use it. The price of the dinghy also includes wintering in a dry marina so you don’t have to worry about where to go when you’re not using it, just as you don’t have to worry about engine conservation at the end of the season, because we’ll do it for you.


  • Fully equipped dinghy with all options
  • Outboard engine with complete installation and battery
  • Basic boat equipment required by law (anchor, ropes, lifejackets, first aid …)
  • Electronic Equipment – GPS, echo sonder / fish finder, stereo
  • Basic and Casco Insurance
  • Registration
  • Winter for 6 months in a dry marina
  • Basic boat cleaning and maintenance
  • Engine Conservation
  • 4 boat launches and launches
  • Transport to the boat’s place of use and take to the base / dry marina – 4 times a year
  • Gift packages (for each owner)
  • Discount for Oceanic, Hollis, Zero-X and Free Fall diving equipment

By purchasing inflatables through NEVER RIB CLUB, you become a member of the club, which brings you some additional benefits. Become a diver or an underwater fisherman because as a member of the NEVERA Club you have discounts on diving courses as well as diving equipment from the Zero-X, Free Fall and Oceanic brands. You can also more conveniently purchase or rent a variety of equipment and toys for water sports (skis, whales, “banana” towing …) as well as nautical footwear and clothing. The club also organizes joint trips or camping trips.


NEVERA RIB CLUB also provides you with a Charter Management service if you wish. Days when you do not use your dinghy can be rented to third parties so that you can pay back the money over time.

What is very important is that after 5 years the same boat is in agreement with the owners of the sale, and the money is divided into 4 equal parts, which means that there is a refund!

Take advantage of this great offer, give us a call or contact us Email to join NEVERA RIB CLUB as soon as possible!




Nevera is chosen by Estonian MoD to supply the rescue and diving boats for Estonian Navy.
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Nevera is chosen by Estonian MoD to supply the rescue and diving boats for Estonian Navy.
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