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VIPER series is completely new concept of RIBs with inverted curved tubes. In this way the tubes are highly positioned in relation to the deck giving more safety to the crew and passengers. Feeling is that the crew is in the boat and not on the boat like often with the classic RIBS. Aside of more safety, higher position of the tubes, contribute to the less resistance in ride, improving in this way performance and fuel consumption. On the other side the ends of tubes are in the water when standing still giving in this way the classic stability that is expected from a RIB. Tubes also touch the surface of the water in sharp turns and in the high seas enhancing stability and mitigate the G forces during the ride.

Viper 500 is a follow-up of the Nevera 480 model of which 62 are supplied to the Romanian fire-fighters. Like with all models in Viper series, Viper 500 has highly warped deep V hull (starts with 60 degrees at the bow, follows with 30+ degrees in the middle and ends with around 20 degrees at the transom) with single step and “Delta” keel. Combination of step and Delta keel gives very good performance with small outboards, small fuel consumption (fuel consumption is 0,3-0,4 l/nm at light load and 0,4-0,5 l/nm at maximum load, depending on sea state), level ride and easy planning without rising the bow which is very important with the open boats where mass is usually concentrated at the stern especially with the light loads (only driver and eventually co driver). Highly warped deep V hull makes the ride in the high waves much softer and allows the operations in the higher sea states than other similar boats. It is also very manoeuvrable and responsive to commands. Also, very important when driving in the high sea states, the minimum planning speed is very low – for model 500 it is 7 knots which allows planning at very high waves (model Viper 500 Pro with the installed console can ride in 5 m high waves).

The tubes are made of ORCA Hypalon-Neoprene with 5 independently sealed chambers and can be in any colour of the ORCA range including two or more tones. The diameter of the tubes with the Pro-Open model is 500 mm with the tapper towards to bow for better aerodynamics and more internal space. Inside the tubes there are 4 fastening D-rings on each side for attaching rescue net or other equipment as well as supports for oars. On the outer side of the tubes the safety ropes are installed on each tube with 5 fixing points. Optionally the safety line/strip can be installed also on the inner side of the tubes. At the bow part of the tubes a GRP pulpit is installed and is equipped with roller in front and cleat on the back. Inside at the bottom of the tubes are mounted fixing points for the oars. The tubes can be equipped with any markings according to client’s needs.

The slip resistant deck is self-bailing at stand (the RIB don’t have to plane to clear the water from the deck) and is designed according to ISO standards (at maximum load the deck is 10 cm above the surface of the water). Two big non return drain holes in the transom allows the quick water emptying. The holes can be additionally blocked with the plugs for absolute prevention of water ingress. Optionally the bilge pump can be also installed. Aside of the elevated bow storage there can be installed one or more storages in the deck itself (for the one or more fuel tanks for example or ropes and other accessories). Inside the deck are 4 strong rings for lifting the boat and 3 more on the stern (2) and bow (1). There are also fastening loops on each side of the deck corners for attaching the rescue net or other equipment that needs to be fixed on the deck. Longitudinally and parallel with the tubes are mounted 3 foot-loops on each side for the crew and passengers. Additionally, any type of equipment can be mounted on the deck.

Hull and deck are made in 3D vacuum infusion – this means that all internal reinforcements are infused together with the hull / deck making in this way a single piece which is much stronger structure than the hulls and decks that have reinforcement laminated additionally by hand.

Material for the hull and deck are multiaxial glass fibres and minimally isophtalyc polyester resins (optionally vinylester or epoxy resins and other composite materials like carbon, Kevlar or even bio-composites). Combination of 3D vacuum infusion and multiaxial fibres gives approximately 20% lighter and 20-30% stronger hull/deck structure in comparison with classic boat building methods (hand laid up of plain glass fibres and ortophtalic polyester resins). Also the resistance to the osmosis is much better.
Lighter and stronger hull in combination with specific design allows for smaller outboards (Viper 500 Pro-Open can get in plane with 25 HP outboard), better performances and lower fuel consumption.

Basic specification:
Length over all (LOA): 5 m
Width over all (WOA): 2,23 m
Internal width: 1,69 m
Internal length: 4,5 m
Freeboard: 0,62 m
Empty weight: 220 kg
Maximum loaded weight: 1500 kg
Hull: warped deep V with single step and Delta keel
Hull/deck material: Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) – vacuum infused
Tubes diameter: 50/37 cm
No.champers: 5
Tube material: Hypalon Neopren ORCA 1300 gr/m2
Motorisation: outboards 25 to 60 HP
Capacity: 8 persons / 1000 kg
CE category: C



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Nevera is chosen by Estonian MoD to supply the rescue and diving boats for Estonian Navy.
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