Today’s economic situation pushed away good part of the boating lovers. High fuel costs with associated CO2 emissions and big operational costs of the motor boating make the owing and driving the boats prohibitive. Who wants to enjoy the speed in any sea condition needs to use the deep V hull boats.

Usually this means a need for big block outboards or inboards that equals high fuel consumption and non-environmentally friendly emissions. Also very often you need to choose big boats that can cope with heavy weather on the sea. And big boats with big engines are hard to handle out of sea, hard to trail and have big operational costs overall.

On the other side if you want to lower the costs and fuel emissions you can choose the medium or shallow V hulled boats that don’t need big and thirsty engines. But then you are convicted to drive in inshore waters or in perfectly nice weather with calm seas. Every wave higher than 30 cm will make you remember your boating experience – in a worse way.

All these problems are in line with the old school thinking of the boat design that practically says – you can have one or another. But the times are changing and we have today the modern boat designs and advance boat building technologies that allow you to have the best of the both worlds.

Nevera line of RIB’s thanks to the modern thinking, design and building process joins the uncompromised sea keeping abilities and performance with the low fuel consumption, low fuel emissions, easy towing and handling and low operational costs in general. You don’t have to choose between the quality and costs any more.

Modern boaters are looking for the cost effective boats, regardless of the size, that will not compromise their sea keeping abilities. Nevera RIB’s deliver just this with the build quality at the top of the class and with the price tag of the class bellow.



  • 3D vacuum infusion process (hull and reinforcements are infused in one single pass)
  • 100% vinyl ester raisin in the hull
  • Multiaxial glass fibbers
  • Kevlar and carbon reinforcements (on some models)
  • 20-30% stronger construction
  • 20+% lighter boats


  • Deep V off-shore hull
  • Stepped hull combined with delta pad
  • Level ride
  • No bow raising when getting on plane
  • Exceptional sea keeping qualities
  • Dry ride
  • Excellent manoeuvrability throughout all speed range


  • High performance engines
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Good maximum speed
  • Low minimum planning speed
  • Easy trailing and handling
  • Hi-Tech quality at the competitive prices
  • Low maintenance costs


Nevera Marine d.o.o.

Email:  Contact Form Page
Tel./Mob.:  +385(0) 95 5626 992
 Alan Cernava


Nevera is chosen by Estonian MoD to supply the rescue and diving boats for Estonian Navy.
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