The New Age RIB's that defy economic crises. Using low fuel consumption and fuel emissions there is no need for big block engines, easy handling, high performance, excellent sea keeping abilities, low operational costs, advanced design and with a sleek look, Nevera boats will make your face smile on the water. Made in vacuum infusion and closed moulds from hi-tech materials they care also about working environments without compromising the highest quality and low weight. The truly new age RIBs.

  • Great performances, Modern design, Efficient fuel consumption and Low maintenance costs.

Nevera Marine

  • Mirage 950 - Cabin

    Mirage 950 – Cabin

    Manoeuvrability of the Mirage 950 is surprising. The turns are made ea…

  • Mirage 950 – Center Console

    From the start, Mirage 950 is designed with the modular principle so i…

  • Mirage 950 – Open

    Mirage 950 is non-compromise off shore beast built for riding in any s…

  • Vento 675

    Dear, as head of marketing for the company Metamarine Ltd. I have the …

  • Vento 500

    With the Vento 500 you get all the capabilities of the bigger boats in…



NEVERA RIB CLUB allows you to most effectively reach the new, full-featured boat with engine.

The equipment includes everything that can be installed on one boat – of an anchor and rope over a set of cushions, bimini, navigation equipment and CD’s up to details such as refrigerators, camping grill or action camera…

There are also appropriate gifts and a variety of other benefits!




Charter management program allows you to purchase your own inflatable boat at minimum cost!

Charter management is the simplest way to purchase new inflatables that are repaid on its own income from the charter, therefore, with the goal of return on invested capital owners and reduce running costs and optimizing maintenance costs of the vessel.

In case you already own a vessel, it is a form of reducing and optimizing costs and additional income…


Mirage line of RIBs by Nevera Boats thanks to the modern thinking, design and building process joins the uncompromised sea keeping abilities and performance with the low fuel consumption, low fuel emissions, easy towing and handling and low operational costs in general.

You don't have to choose between the quality and costs any more.


Modern boaters are looking for the cost effective boats, regardless of the size, that will not compromise their sea keeping abilities.

Mirage RIB’s deliver just this with the build quality at the top of the class and with the price tag of the class bellow.


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